Love and Relationships

Love & Relationships

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What are the secrets to a happy and successful relationship? Relationships like marriage, romance, live together or any of similar kind can be sustained with a happy note if some of the secret rules are followed.

Relationships are completely subjective and no clear cut rules can be executed on it yet following certain guidelines may help proceeding happily in a relationship.

Many of these so called rules are based on the life experience of many happy couples and also the observation of others.

When two people get into a relationship, many of them wish for lasting love but pathetically a good number of them go apart after a while and end up searching for new partners.

Break up and Divorce are not the Solution

When asked about the best possible way of resolving the issues in relationships or marriage, many people may comment that breakup or divorce is the best possible method of putting an end to all the troubles and misunderstandings in a relationship and this is the biggest mistake people commit.

The reason for increased divorce rate is analyzed as the mentality of people who even before getting into a relationship think divorce as a means of solving possible issues that might come along.

Divorce is never an option but is the utmost decision to be taken in life only at an inevitable situation.

Do not even think of divorce whenever you confront with minor issues in relationships, issues are just byproducts of the happiness experienced in a relationship.

No Perfect Relationships, but Perfect Situations.

No one can be considered in a perfect relationship no matter how happy the couple is, as happiness in a relationship is just a creation of the situation by the partners.

No relationship, as a whole that is destined to be only jovial and satisfying, there can be moments of happiness and moments of struggle.

The couple who learns the secrets of balancing both happiness and struggle wins and enjoys the best possible relationship and life.

When in tension or issues, many people tend to think that it’s their fate to fall into wrong relationships and at the same time ignore the possible chances of making each moment in life happy by understanding the partner a bit more and adjusting a few things.

Never be Afraid or Make Him/Her Afraid

Another secret to happy relationships lies in being open and frank with your partner, you should never feel afraid to express your mind and never make your partner feel afraid of you to express their mind.

When people communicate, many of the issues can be melted down, an issue however ignorable it is, when kept in mind for some time, can take all forms of anger, frustration, dislike, etc and can get expressed in the most undesirable manner.

Let the communication between partners be a frequent element and no one should hold the words when he/she wants to talk.

Love is defined as respect and care

You can just tell that you love your partner but can never express the love as it is, there’s no emotion like love and it comes as a package which includes respect, care, share, dedication, forgiveness, etc.

Express the emotions whenever possible to make the other person feel the intensity of your love.

Do not be a miser in loving your partner and let your love be unconditional, it is rightly said that love is defined as respect and care.

When the partner feels that you do not care for him/her or that you do not give him/her the due respect, the person may think of an alternative to you.

Always Support Each Other

Never ever leave your partner unsupported, whatever might be your opinion and ideas, know that you are the only one he/she can lean on for support.

When both of you are alone, you can argue among yourselves on the points you disagree with the other one, but in public both of you have only one mind.

Holding the hands, especially when he/she is sad or broken, is helpful to convey you care for the person.

Once you have decided to live together, then no questions of separation may arise, even in your opinions.